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Passion Makes Perfect

People build Brands. 

William E. Heinecke


Chairman and Founder



Minor International


As a key member of our team, we offer you a variety of learning and development programs to support your journey. From here, you have access to resources to build competencies to DRIVE and accelerate your performance.    
So, take a SMART step towards success today.
Your Development Programs

At Minor Hotels, one of the key goals of our leaders is to facilitate your learning and development. We give you every opportunity to learn, grow and explore new horizons, along with the feedback and support you’ll need to succeed. 

"My manager recognized my performance, so he gave me additional tasks to create more opportunities for me. He gave me guidelines, coached me, and provided direct feedback for my improvement. He helped make things happen, even though I didn't have an F&B background. He truly believed in me and my potential to succeed.

- Minor Team Member

Your Development

Learn What You Need, When And Where You Want It.

Explore the Virtual Campus.

Virtual Campus



Customers come first. That’s our belief in everything we do, every day.


Working with passion and energy, we strive to achieve excellence in all our endeavours.


People development

Our people are given the opportunity to unlock and maximize their potential, rise to the challenge and go beyond.


Constantly changing how we do things allows us to improve and be the best at what we do.



Collaborating closely with our partners, we create a shared vision of growth and achieve it together.

Our Culture
edX @ Minor Hotels


Transform our teams with the skills they will need in the future. Utilize curated learning pathways to drive measurable outcomes. 


Provide our workforce with on-demand courses as a benefit, to retain them and drive impact across Minor Hotels. 


Enhance development opportunities with relevant courses from well trusted and recognized institutions of learning.


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