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General Manager

Core Competencies for General Managers

Cultivating Networks

Building Org. Talent

Establishing Strategic Direction

Executing Strategic Direction

Customer Focus

Business AcumenDriving for Results




Emergenetics International is an innovative, results-oriented organizational solutions company specializing in analyzing, identifying and leveraging the way people think and behave. This provides a grounded framework for effecting actionable change through the use of proprietary tools and training based on scientifically-proven Emergenetics thinking and behavioral technology. to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Financial Workshop



A Drive Culture need's financial accumen among it's leaders.  Our VP for Finance mentors, coaches and delivers key finance concepts in this program to understand the "macro" big picture and "micro" line item context and trends —as well as the mechanics of developing budgets. It will give you the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions for your business unit. Whether your goal is to stay on budget, increase overall cost savings or meet specific profitability targets, this will help you become familiar with standard financial documents, and use budget and estimating methods and tools more effectively.

Mastering Coaching and Mentoring



This is a 2-day workshop that is designed to help participants understand the benefits and practice of Coaching.  As participants go through the program they will recognize the value of coaching skills and be able to list the benefits of coaching to the organisation and individuals involved.

Mastering Performance Management



This is a 2-day workshop which develops the knowledge, skills and attributes required by leaders to effectively manage the performance of others. This workshop focuses on developing competence in Setting and Reviewing Performance and addresses the key actions of setting performance goals, establishing approach; tracking performance, and evaluating performance.

Targeted Selection DDI



This program uses the hiring tool and methodology created by DDI.  Targeted Selection® is aimed at leaders who participate in the hiring and selection process. It helps particpants

  • identify the competencies needed for all key positions,

  • build interviewing skills and confidence for more accurate selection decisions, and

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee selection process.

7-Habits of Highly Effective People


Scheduled Release: 2016

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, participants learn how to: take initiative, balance key priorities, improve interpersonal communication, leverage creative collaboration, and apply principles for achieving a balanced life. Participants not only learn, but also use processes and tools to live and apply the 7 Habits.

Situational Leadership


Scheduled Release: 2017

This program is based on Ken Blanchard's model on leadership, leadership styles and maturity levels.  It teaches managers to use a leadership style based on the individuals or groups they're leading. Its foundation lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person.

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7 Habits
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